About Acceptance Leasing & Financing Service

About Us

At Acceptance Leasing & Financing Service, Inc. we are proud of our Certified Leasing and Financing Professional (CLFP) designation. The CLFP is a title in the commercial finance industry that recognizes associates who have met the experience, practical knowledge and professional conduct requirements, in the leasing industry. You can be sure that as CLFP's, we are working hard for our customers and have a vast understanding and knowledge of commercial equipment financing. This is a designation that puts us a cut above our competition. Look for the CLFP designation when choosing a finance partner.

What We Do

We work hard to establish the best working relationships with our customers and vendors. We are committed to understanding the needs of our business associates and pride ourselves in our ability to customize our programs to their financing needs. We do this by offering a variety of flexible financing programs. We also work with vendors and their sales representatives to enable them to offer their customers cost-effective methods of acquiring equipment. We bring finance/leasing solutions to the national market place from a variety of underwriters that may not be available to a particular business in their local area. Those solutions could include tax lease structures, longer term financing, no personal guarantee, software leases, and leases with the option to own; enabling the business owner to make the purchase decision at the end of the term as oppose to the beginning.

Our Commitment

We adhere to the ethical standards established in our industry. We recognize the role we play in helping to keep the wheels of commerce turning and touching many lives with every completed transaction. Every approval affects several people, not only in our organization and our underwriters, but also our customers and the vendor selling the equipment. When a transaction is successfully completed, many lively hoods and individuals benefit. Therefore, our commitment is to give every application, regardless of size or quality of credit, the fair and due attention necessary to maximize the chances of successfully completing the transaction.